Gourmet Food and Drinks at the Dayton Dinner Theater

Dayton Dinner Theater proudly offers chef-inspired food and drinks based on various themes from each featured movie and the era from which it takes place or was produced. 

Food will be presented party style with small plates or tapas portions before the movie and during intermission.

With a full Sunday liquor license, our cash bar will feature our signature $5.00 themed drinks along with a wide variety of mixed drinks, wines, and beer.

Don't Miss Out On Another Movie & Get Updates on Special Events! 

2019 By Dayton Dinner Theater

John Boucuvalas Owner/operator

George Bolmida Technical Director

Darbie Kincaid Executive Director of

The Engineers Club of Dayton

If you have any trouble with purchasing a ticket please email   daytondinnertheater@gmail.com